Educational Tourism – What is the Value of Student Trips to the Arctic?

For school tours, the Arctic is a relative newcomer and is gaining popularity year on year with school from around the word. Whilst previously schools and teachers looked for challenges for their students in warmer climates, now students are demanding variety and different experiences which more traditional school trips don’t perhaps offer in the same… Read more »

Geography School Trips and Tours to the Arctic

All of our school tours are tailored to the requirements of each school, whilst is is possible to produce and sell ‘off the shelf’ trips, we prefer not to do this as each school and student group tends to have varying needs. We are often asked about Geography School tours – this is absolutely possible… Read more »

FAQ: Is Iceland Expensive?

FAQ: Is Iceland Expensive? One of the common questions we’re asked is ‘Is Iceland Expensive?’ and the simple answer is yes. According to the cost of living is 65.69% higher than living in the United Kingdom ( How expensive is Iceland? Generally across Iceland you should budget as though you’re taking a trip to… Read more »